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Delta Townhouse Renovation

This is an almost whole house renovation project. Before the renovation, the pattern and decoration of old-fashioned houses were common, with dim lighting, improper use of space and bright colors. The kitchen has less space and wastes the front space. Cabinets are also dark brown wood cabinets, and the yellow-grey floor is out of tune.

The renovated kitchen has been replaced with grey below and white cabinets above, white brick countertops, and black handles and water fittings selected by the guests, which is a lot more balanced overall. The upper cabinet is a little higher than the original one, and the top sealing board is added, so that there will be no dust on the top of the cabinet, and it is also beautiful. 

The bathroom has been changed to the same grey and white combination as the kitchen. The water parts, accessories and lamps used are all black, which is more prominent in the space. The new light fixtures have added light to the whole place, even the windowless bathroom is bright. 

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