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Our Design

Kitchen Design 01. Reflective high gloss white cabinets.

Kitchen Design 02. Grey and white cabinets.

Washroom Design 01. Floating cabinet and toilet, with black faucets, black and round rain showerhead.

Washroom Design 02. White cabinet with chrome faucets.

Vegetarian Restaurant with Bookstore's Reception and Bookstore Area Design.

Vegetarian Restaurant with Bookstore's Dining Area Design.

House's Living Room Design. 

House's Master Bathroom Design. 

Children Library Reception Area Design.

Children Library Playing Area Design.

Clothes Shop Design

Clothes Shop's Fitting Room Design.

Kitchen Design. Black and White Cabinet.

Kitchen Design. Wood Texture Cabinet.

Kitchen Design. White Cabinet with Concrete Floor Tile.

Kitchen Design. Warm Color Wood Texture Cabinet.

Interior design

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