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The kitchen before the renovation was dominated by dark wood and dull colors. And the middle of the kitchen is not used, so the space was wasted.

The renovated kitchen and bathroom are minimalist. The whole is black and white. Simple lines make the whole space very clean and comfortable. At the same time, all the electrical appliances inside are embedded installations, so there will be no gaps that are difficult to clean. The biggest highlight of the whole space is the large glass in front of the sink, with overhead spotlights to create a comfortable atmosphere, you can also see the scenery of the four seasons when cooking, and the sun can shine well inside.

​The bathroom has also undergone major changes, replacing the previous floor, wall tiles and facilities. The bathroom in the master bedroom retains its original layout with replacement of countertops, cabinets, shower, mirror, and water fittings. The countertop was changed from the original yellow and white to the current white, which brightened the space and matched with the white wall. The mirrors were replaced with long LED mirrors.

Richmond Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

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