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Surrey Condo Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

This is renovation in an apartment, because the apartment is relatively old, so the previous decoration in the apartment used a dark color design. Whether it's cabinets or floors, dim colors bring a depressing mood.

​The guests chose a color combination of gray and white. The project was to paint the cabinets and replace the sink, lighting and shower. In the kitchen, black refrigerators become a key consideration because guests do not want to replace the refrigerator. Black sinks, faucets and light fixtures echo the color of the refrigerator. And white wall cabinets and countertops can neutralize the heaviness of black. The whole space feels stable and comfortable.

The bathroom before the toilet has a small shower and a bathing pool, but it is not practical. Therefore, it was changed to a larger sliding door shower according to the needs of the guests.

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